Foraging Tips

When you head out on a foraging walk, be sure to take a wild edible plant guidebook so you can properly identify plants in the field. A good one for Texas is Delena Tull’s Edible and Useful Plants of Texas and the Southwest. If you are not sure you have the right plant, don’t eat  it. Here are a few more foraging tips:

–       Be sure it’s legal and/or you have permission to harvest from the site.

–       Harvest responsibly; take only what you need.

–       When gathering flowers and fruit, leave enough for reproduction the following year.

–       If collecting perennials, cut the top and leave the roots.

–       When harvesting roots or tubers, you do kill the plant so harvest sparingly.

–       Wear long pants, carry harvesting bags or baskets, and bring along all the tools you’ll need (edible wild plant guide, pruners, scissors, gloves, shovel/trowel, etc.)

–       Be sure you know what you are harvesting and what parts of the plant are edible!


One response to “Foraging Tips

  1. Thank you so much for doing this, I have wanted to get into foraging but I have no idea what anything is. Do you have any area suggestions for foraging. I live in N.Dallas close to Carrollton. I got the edible plant book, but not everything is pictured so it is hard when you really have no idea. Everyone talks about the mulberry trees in Dallas but they don’t say where they are. Thank you again for doing this and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Maybe you could do a foraging expedition.

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