Upcoming Class

I will be teaching the foraging part of this upcoming workshop with Jesse Griffiths of Dai Due. Check it out!

The New School of Traditional Cookery,
Spring Session
: Wild Food

May 25 – 27. Madrono Ranch, Medina, Texas
The month of May, during the transition from Spring to Summer, is an optimal time for obtaining food from our surroundings.  This class teaches the sourcing and utilization skills in three realms of the food world: fish, plant and animal.  For the fishing component, basic skills needed for fishing – with plentiful food fish like sunfish and catfish in mind – will be covered, including tackle selection, location, techniques and presentations of bait and lures, and cleaning and storing your catch.  The methods covered will be applicable to many places in Central Texas and are geared at effective, efficient ways of catching delicious, local, freshwater fish for the table.  The plant section of the class is taught by noted local forager Amy Crowell, and will cover the safe identification of edible plants that occur in our region, as well as storage and cooking.  A foraging walk around the ranch will provide hands-on opportunities for students to gather wild edibles, from greens to blackberries to wild onions.  Basic pickling and canning summer vegetables, a topic that will be very appropriate soon after the class, will also be covered.  The animal component will discuss the curing and preservation of feral hogs, an invasive and delicious food source that is widely available.  Madroño Ranch, a beautiful 1,500 acre property in the heart of the Hill Country, is an ideal location for this class for many reasons: it is managed in a progressive, healthful mindset, it is geographically and topographically distinct (spring-fed creeks crisscross the property) and it is home to a bounty of wildlife.  The class includes:
  • Discussion on fishing techniques, tackle, knots and presentations, as well as hands-on fishing in a lake and spring-fed creek on site.  Proper care of fish, cleaning and filleting are also included.
  • Instruction on foraging wild plants and fruit, and guided walks through the property in search of edibles conducted by Amy Crowell.
  • Instruction on curing and preserving feral hogs.  Dry sausages, pancetta and hams will be discussed.
  • Comfortable lodging for two nights and three days in houses on the Ranch.
  • All meals prepared with local ingredients and served by Dai Due camp chef Morgan Angelone.  Expect bison and eggs from the ranch and lots of wild food, along with Farmers’ Market vegetables.
  • A complete fish, wild plant, summer vegetable preservation, feral hog curing and cooking class with recipe book, sources and suggested reading.
  • A Wild Food Supper Club served at a communal table with the guests, ranch hosts and guides on Saturday evening.
Class runs from 11am Friday to 12pm on Sunday.


$950 per person.
To Apply: 


Please contact us via email (info@daidueaustin.com) and we will send an application – a brief questionnaire.  Our schools are structured to include an appropriate mix of students from differing backgrounds, so admission is not guaranteed.



Spaces at each school will be reserved for scholarship applicants, at a greatly discounted rate so that the curriculum is available to everyone.  To apply for the scholarship seats, please contact us via email and fill out the statement of financial need.


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