Lepidium virginicum

I’ve noticed several wild winter/spring greens popping up again after the rains. It’s hard to categorize many wild edibles into a season since they’ll take advantage of almost any hospitable weather event and will sprout, bloom and go to seed. They’re expert survivalists! This peppergrass popped up in our yard recently and is a tasty addition to our salads. Eat the leaves, tender stems and seed pods or silques raw or cooked. Also know as the poor man’s pepper, this plant tastes wonderfully spicy fresh or dried.


One response to “Peppergrass

  1. Hi Amy: I just love this site. I’m a food gardener but really interested in foraging. I was wondering if you are ever leading a foraging trip again? Also, when do you think your book will be completed? Thank you! –Meredith Thomas

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