Farkleberry Forest


How does that saying go – You’ll find what you’re looking for when you least expect it? Or stop looking and you’ll find it…? Well, the hike we took on our land near Smithville was intended to be just that – a hike. But we stumbled upon a grove of loaded farkleberry trees and snacked until our bellies were full. I often talk about how cool it would be to walk around the forest all day eating wild berries – well, that’s exactly what we did!

Joe Henry finds some lower limbs

The berries were undiscovered by birds and still hanging from the tree! They were slightly dried with a subtle sweetness. The farkleberry or sparkleberry (Vaccinium arboreum) is related to blueberries and is similar in sweetness and texture though the berries are smaller than cultivated blueberries. The small understory tree or shrub grows east of Austin in the lost pines and in east Texas.

Garner finds even lower limbs

Handful of Farkleberries


One response to “Farkleberry Forest

  1. Meredith Thomas


    When will your book be published? Cannot wait!

    –Meredith Thomas

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